“Nippon Steel DX,” which realizes strength in connecting and strength in maneuvering, and its vision

Nippon Steel will promote Nippon Steel DX to innovate all steel business processes. In order to achieve the goals outlined in our mid- to long-term management plan, we will realize “smarter manufacturing,” “strengthening of flexible and optimal supply systems,” and “building of business intelligence” through the integration of our technologies and expertise (competitiveness in the real world) with digital technologies. At the same time, by setting challenging targets through the development of a DX roadmap, we will also enhance our ability to create solutions and innovations to achieve them.

Innovative evolution of strength in manufacturing based on smarter manufacturing

  • Develop smarter manufacturing (Cyber Physical Production) through the advanced use of AI, IoT and other digital technologies
  • Improvement of labor productivity through the use of automation and predictive detection, etc., and production stabilization and quality improvement through the advancement of production technology
  • Ensuring the same level of operations and quality at overseas sites as in Japan

Strengthen customer responsiveness by enhancing flexible and optimal supply system

  • Establishment of an integrated production planning platform from order to production to delivery (shortening of lead time, flexible response to changes)
  • Linkage with supply chain information, etc., and efforts to contribute to customers and create new value

Global management support through enhancement of business intelligence

  • Building an integrated data platform that enables real-time understanding of management information and KPIs for optimal action
  • Strengthen business intelligence as a global management platform (Business Intelligence: data-driven management support)
  • Accelerate decision-making and improve problem-solving capabilities from the management level to the front line


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